I began editing weddings as a side hustle while attending film school. I started as a second shooter for small, local production companies. The first wedding I shot independently was for a friend from film school, and from that point on, my demand grew, and now I offer full wedding services. My clients like me because I'm accommodating, communicative, easy-going, and deliver memories unique to each couple and the bond they share.  I also offer flexible pricing as many of the weddings I shoot are on the smaller side. 

I've worked with vendors that create nothing but headaches, and that's why I offer a stress-free experience.

See below for samples of weddings we filmed, as well as information about our wedding package
Jess + Ray (2017)
Lidia + Jacinto (2017)
Sydney + Logan (2017)
Margie + Erick (2016)
Tianna + Josh (2016)
Wedding Package:
Based on my years of experience in wedding videography, I offer a single wedding package that includes a total of 3 videos documenting your wedding day. 

Why do I only offer one package?
Based on the budgets of my typical clientele, my package is budget friendly. However, I am open to customization and added features with a price adjustment. I also offer flexible pricing and payment options for those on tighter budgets.

Ceremony: 2 Shooters
                    3-4 Cameras

Reception: 2 Shooter
                    2  Cameras


Reception: Your wedding reception, in its entirety, recorded from multiple angles.

Toasts: Your loved ones speeches and toasts in their entirety, recorded from two cameras.

Highlight: A 3-4 minute short film covering your entire wedding day, from getting ready to leaving the reception, cut to a song of your choice. 

The shooters I hire and myself are working professionals in film and television. We use professional video and sound equipment and deliver in Full 1080 HD or 4K UHD.

Starting Price

HD: $1500 - 3 High Quality HD files. DVD optional at no cost. Blu-Ray at additonal cost.
4K: $2500 - 3 High Quality UHD + HD files. DVD optional at no cost. Blu-Ray at additional Cost

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