Wedding videos for me began as a side gig to help pay the bills when work was slow. I started as a second shooter for a few production companies and as an editor for high-end wedding videos. I began shooting and editing wedding videos independently due to increased demand and referrals and now I offer video packages for weddings.

See below for samples of weddings we filmed, as well as information about our wedding packages
Jess + Ray (2017)
Lidia + Jacinto (2017)
Sydney + Logan (2017)
Margie + Erick (2016)
Tianna + Josh (2016)
Wedding Package:

We offer two base wedding packages for either HD or 4k UHD wedding videos. Our packages are priced competitively and aimed for weddings with moderate budgets. Customization is  available after consultation with price subject to change.


Ceremony: 2 Shooters
                    3-4 Cameras
                    Drone (if requested)

Reception: 2 Shooter
                    2  Cameras
                    Drone (if requested)


Reception: Your wedding reception, in its entirety, recorded from multiple angles.

Toasts: Your loved ones speeches and toasts in their entirety, recorded from two cameras.

Highlight: A 3-4 minute short film covering your entire wedding day, from getting ready to leaving the reception, cut to a song of your choice. 

The shooters I hire and myself are working professionals in film and television. We use professional video and sound equipment and deliver in Full 1080 HD or 4K UHD.

Starting Price

HD: $1500 - 3 High Quality HD files. DVD optional at no cost. Blu-Ray at additional cost.
4K: $2500 - 3 High Quality UHD + HD files. DVD optional at no cost. Blu-Ray at additional Cost.

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