Matthew MacLean
Director | Director of Photography | Still Photographer
Born and raised in Southern California, I found my passion for storytelling at an early age with my mom's VHS camcorder. I was 8 when I directed my first short film using the kids on my cul-de-sac as cast and crew. Video production was my main focus throughout my school years and I was eager to work in the industry. I received my first paid video jobs as a junior in high school and continued to freelance while working to receive my BA in Cinema/TV arts from Cal State University Fullerton. I am also self-taught in both digital and film photography and own several digital DSLR bodies and film cameras.

As a director and director of photography, I've had several works screened at festivals such as Newport Beach International Film Festival. In 2013, I directed and produced Obsessed which screened for Hollyshorts in 2014. In 2017 I directed The New Reality.

I primarily work in Southern California, and available to travel. 

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